• Berichten uit de Sahara
    Berichten uit de Sahara Sanmao

    Translated by Annelous Stiggelbout
    Atlas Contact, 2019

    Sanmao’s adventures in the Spanish Sahara. The most popular writer of the Chinese-speaking world.

  • Wawa de Wondervogel
    Wawa de Wondervogel Cao Wenxuan

    Translated by Annelous Stiggelbout
    Leonon Kinderboeken, 2019

    Two stories in the series ‘The cool bird Wawa’, who guards the town and always helps his friends.

  • Hongkong noir
    Hongkong noir Chan Ho-kei

    Translated by Annelous Stiggelbout and Mathilda Banfield
    De Geus, 2018

    Fifty years, six stories, six mysterious cases, one brilliant investigator. Meanwhile in the background, we see how Hong Kong changes over the years.

  • Rennend door Beijing
    Rennend door Beijing Xu Zechen

    Afterword and translation of one novella by Annelous Stiggelbout
    De Geus, 2016

    Young migrant workers are trying to build a home in an unwelcoming Beijing. A novella collection by one of China’s most promising young authors.

  • Ik ben geen secreet
    Ik ben geen secreet Liu Zhenyun

    Translated by Mathilda Banfield and Annelous Stiggelbout
    Arbeiderspers, 2015

    A peasant woman approaches the local authorities to have her fake divorce annulled, but ends up embarking on an absurd quest for justice.

  • Schemering boven Shanghai
    Schemering boven Shanghai Yue Tao

    Translated by Annelous Stiggelbout
    De Geus, 2015

    When Lan returns to Shanghai to learn more about her roots, she gradually discovers what happened to her friends and family during the Cultural Revolution.

  • Mijn generatie
    Mijn generatie Han Han

    Translated by Annelous Stiggelbout and Mathilda Banfield
    Arbeiderspers, 2013

    Biting critiques on Chinese politics and society, delivered by China’s most famous blogger – and race car driver.

  • Kijken wat jullie dan zeggen
    Kijken wat jullie dan zeggen Zhu Wen

    Translated by Annelous Stiggelbout
    Het Trage Vuur, 2009

    Two Chinese novellas: A computer engineer tries to leave his moribund company, and the residents of an apartment block gossip, drink and fight around the neighbourhood kiosk.

  • Rozen en jeuk
    Rozen en jeuk Yin Lichuan

    Translated by Annelous Stiggelbout
    Zegwerk, 2009

    Poetry collection by one of China’s first internet poets, about sex, relationships and life on the lower rungs of the societal ladder.