Focus Chinees – Dutch for ‘Focus Chinese’ – was started in 2013 by sinologist Annelous Stiggelbout, at the time recently returned from China, where she had worked for the Dutch embassy in Beijing. Stiggelbout has always had a great interest in languages and has been working as an interpreter and translator since 2003.

Annelous Stiggelbout:

‘I am an experienced interpreter and translator and have been active in both these fields for over a decade. Out of love for the Chinese language and culture I started studying Chinese, and out of love for language and translation I started my company Focus Chinees. During university, I spent two years studying abroad in China and Taiwan, and after graduating I spent several more years in these countries. As a result, I am now completely at home in the Chinese language and culture.


As a literary translator, I spend my days thinking about the most beautiful, the most correct, the most smooth way to translate each Chinese phrase in a book into the target language. This experience also colours my commercial translations. When I translate a manual, my translation should not just be correct, it should be easy to read as well. When I translate a press release, I want my translation to look like it was written in the target language directly.


I have worked as an interpreter for various people and companies at different occasions: from Dutch ministers and other important delegations to China, to Chinese musicians and film directors performing in the Netherlands, and everything in between. Almost every year I interpret Q&A’s with Chinese and Taiwanese directors at the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) and the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR). I am also available for the interpretation of speeches and presentations. I can interpret Chinese into English or Dutch and vice versa.

Other services

As you can tell from the name of my company, my focus is on Chinese language and culture. In addition to translation and interpretation, I can also help you with other matters related to the Chinese language and culture, such as correcting and editing sinological texts, accompanying Chinese guests, etcetera. On request, I can also translate from English into Dutch.

I look forward to hearing from you!’