Focus Chinees offers:

  • Translations from Chinese into English or Dutch
  • Interpretation between Chinese (Mandarin) and English or Dutch
  • Literary translations and book translations from Chinese into Dutch
  • Other services related to Chinese language and culture

Translation prices

10 to 20 eurocent per word/character in the source text (21% VAT not included). The exact price depends on the type of text and the difficulty of the translation. Contact us for a non-binding quote.

Interpretation prices

75 to 100 euro per hour, plus travel costs (21% VAT not included). Contact us for a non-binding quote.

Book translations

For book translations, the Model Contract for Literary Translations (Modelcontract Literaire Vertaling, in Dutch) is used, including at least the related minimum prices.

Other services

Prices depend on the services needed. Contact us and let’s find out how we can help you!

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